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Educate donít be at risk
by Bonnie Canino /
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Education will make you smarter. It will give you the knowledge and the answer. Then itís up to you to put it in play and get the experience you need. In this case I am speaking about being a smart boxer, fighter, coach, and trainer. Sharing my knowledge, my explanation about it with the experiences I have seen in my 32 year career.

Subject weight loss. ABC

I have seen and see boxers walking 10 pounds above their weight division that they box at and they think it is okay to do so.  Then one week before they are to weigh in, they are needing to drop the weight quickly to make the weight division.

When you are a professional fighter, it is necessary that you receive plenty of notice. The average notice should be six weeks to diet and drop the weight for that division. They start conditioning not just by exercising but dieting to make the weight division. It should never be over two pounds the day before the weigh-in.

If you are an amateur,  you know in advance what weight division that you will be boxing in.  Start early and maintained your weight steady to that division not pulling up 8-10 pounds since competition matches are more than the professional.

A common sense rule about losing weight and boxing has been proven. The wrong thing to do and mostly everyone the week before the fight start to do is lose the extra 10 pounds that they walk around at, minus or plus a couple from the 10 pounds.

A. They start to starve themselves, not eating so much and by cutting water intake. Now depleting the body of gasoline (energy) from food and by not drinking,  In the first place, taking the water out your skin. The loss is around three pounds---but that is not enough---so they begin to dry out more since the day is near. Now with the loss of another three  pounds.

B. They dry out more, but this time around the water loss is in the muscles. Now the muscles are all dried up and shriveled, tight and hungry, but now you think to yourself, I just need a little more to step on that scale to make weight.

C. You dry out even more depriving everything, sweating, spitting, peeing what ever you can. Now with all sacrifice you are at weight.

The Question is though:  Where was the weight loss from?

a. Skin.

b. Muscle.

c. The muscle in the head. It is the water in your brain,  in your skull. Remember your brain is a muscle too. Now it is all dried up now .This is the only last place where it comes out.

d. All above

The weight was made. Food and fluid consumed. The car is filled up with gasoline, fuel to go, water back in, but the water first went to the skin, then the water trickle to the body muscle, and the last place it will reach is in the head.

Boxing has saved many people, but just like anything, in any sport,  if you do not take the proper steps in whatever you can do, you can and will probably be putting yourself in danger. Drying out for body building or posing is okay, if there is not contact---but boxing is a contact sport. Here is the ABC

A. Now stepping into the ring with the body. The body is eating that gasoline fast because it had been on empty. By this, the performance with the body will not be the fullest, so the body feels lazy by the body being too busy working and chewing up all that good food.

B. Whatever water in the muscle now has to perform, coolant by spitting whatever water out by sweating, drying the muscles out more. Now they cannot react/response right, they are slower and feeling weak. Noting like they did last week.

C. The head is light headed because the water never went back in to its fullest where they cannot react/response and think quick or as well since it is the last place where the water gets back in the head. Taking a good hit can knock the brain to the side of the skull rupturing a vessel (vain) because it is still lacking water and it is brittle.

Many boxers get hurt alone on this.

Start early to be at the top of your game. Be a smart boxer and have everybody together. Prepare your body in the right condition for your weight division.

Coaches/Trainers donít let your boxer or fighter lose so much before a match. Donít hurt them; you are putting them at risk. Educate them. Yes it can happen close to you. You have a chance to help prevent Risk.

Skin, Muscles, and Head,

By Bonnie Canino

Bonnie Canino
Canino has been training and teaching since 1979 as a professional athlete in Martial Arts, Kickboxing and Boxing in Broward County, Florida.  Canino is a retired world champion, and has been a coach and trainer to athletes who have dreams and do not let any obstacles or hurtles stand in their way. Canino is certified in various organizations in the fitness field and hold many titles and certifications, including the highest certification level qualifying her as an Olympic-Level Coach/Trainer.  Canino is the owner of the Canino's Boxing & Karate Studio [Link to Gym]

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