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Tony's Corner: Mitts
by Tony Rumanes

I have been training now in boxing for well over 25 years, that ranged from boxing clients who wanted to get in optimum condition, to amateur and pro boxers.

As an owner of my own gym, the Old School Boxing, located in Atlanta, Georgia,  I have learned throughout the years of working the mitts, that there is a definite art to holding the mitts:  Communication, body language, wording of combos, distance, timing, angles, defense and speed are so relevant to the sport.  A good coach will tackle all of the above.

This kind of training is an essential tool for the success of a boxer.   Holding the mitts can really break down a coach’s shoulder, wrist and hands, as well as the boxers.    I have been lucky in the sense of being in the right place at the right time, and I believe I am using the best quality gear for the protection of a coach and his boxer.

I had visited the Wildcard gym many years ago, and I was referred to Sergio Garibay.    Sergio has made mitts and body protectors for the greatest trainers of today.

As I aspire to be one of the best myself, I know that protection is an absolute importance in the sport.  Training camps that can go on from six to eight weeks and can be extremely vigorous, and any and every little aid can help. 

I have three pair of mitts made by Sergio.   I call one pair my "Heavy Hitter" mitts in the color red for my heavyweights, and two pair of precision mitts in black and blue for my lighter guys and girls for speed and accuracy.    

I believe it gives me and the boxer’s longevity in the sport and with fewer injuries. Also, the body protector that Sergio made me really makes you feel a good shot, so you know your guy is punching with power.  

Sergio told me,  “the mitts are built with special padding;  it’s like shocks in a car. When you hit the mitt with acceleration, air shoots out of the mitt to absorb the blow.   I have attached pictures of my gear, as well as gear made for the many others greats.   Trainers like Freddie Roach, Floyd Mayweather Sr,  Naseem Richardson, Pepper roach.   Also, Prize fighters like Lucia Rijker, Sugar Shane Mosley, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Oscar de la Hoya."

Sergio added, "Every piece of equipment is made specifically for the person that is going to be using it."  [Check out the below slideshow to see this fantastic individualized equipment]



Sergio began making this gear back in 1990, and he has made the gear for hundreds of trainers and fighters to date.

His custom made gear is awesome! I can say that every dime I have spent is well-worth the money.   If you are ever interested in stepping up your game in training, you can contact Sergio Garibay at (323)422-5104 or sgboxing@aol.com.

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